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Electric Motor and
Generator Repair

PPS can handle all your industrial AC & DC electric motor and generator repairs We offer one quality management system for engineering resources, skilled technicians, technologies and proprietary rewinds, with service for:

-AC induction motors – squirrel cage & wound rotor

-AC synchronous motors – brushless & slip ring

-DC motors – permanent magnet, series, shunt, compound

-Voltage ratings from low voltage to 11,000 VAC / 1,000 VDC

-HP ratings from fractional to 80,000+ HP


PPS is capable to do complete overhauling for all kinds of motors up to 11KV AC and all sizes of DC motors

PPS ensures for you the best quality and the shortest of overhauling.

The following three steps mandatory in the overhauling scope:
Increase insulation, machining for slip rings/commutator, rotor balancing, change bearing using original bearings (SKF or FAG are the only recommended).


To make any mechanical repair we refer to the OEM original dimensions, and if not available we use standard files and tolerance tables taking into consideration (application, material of parts to be machined and the speed of the machine).

Machining technique also to be selected according to the application and material of the part to be machined.

Rotor dynamic

Our rotor balancing range from 50 to 5,000 kg using the latest Schenck technology and are balanced to relevant ISO standards. On completion, you receive a comprehensive balancing report that documents compliance with these international standards. 

Our Schenck 50 kg and 5,000 kg balancing machines are fitted with the latest CAB900 measuring system. Plus, our balancing machines are fitted with a Bentley Nevada vibration system so we can identify the vibration base line prior to installation of the rotor.

Testing for Electric
Motors & Generators

PPS provides comprehensive electrical tests to document “as received” and “as shipped” performance, with multiple tests to corroborate recommendations for increased process uptime and lower maintenance costs. Our testing capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Run testing through 6,000 VAC
No load testing up to 11 kV

IEEE 43 Insulation Resistance – Megger®
IEEE 43 Polarization Index (PI) Ratio
IEEE 95 Hi-Pot

DC Hi-Pot to 23 kV

IEEE 522 Surge Test up to 11kV
IEEE 1043 Voltage Endurance up to 11k

Ultrasonic testing
Vibration & Operational Deflection Mode Shape (ODMS)

Rewinding for Electric
Motors & Generators

PPS is Capable to rewind all sizes of motors up to 11 KV AC using High quality rewinding materials

also Capable to rewind DC motors

PPS strategy to rewind as same as the original winding data without any kind of modification or re-design