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Gearboxes and Geared Motors

Flexible coupling GF GEARFLEX

Developed to be used in turbo gears with power up to 60 MW, TGM’s flexible couplings line (GF GearFlex) works on high-performance, offsetting the effects of angular and parellel misalignment during the operation. They are gears’ couplings developed and patented by TGM in F and T models. They are a safe solution designed to be installed on TGM and other manufactures’ gearboxes.→

Planetary Sugarcane Line

TGM G3 Full planetary series is constructed with the highest technology to drive diffusers and mills, both in central or individual applications. They are available up to 10,000 kN.m and the number of stages is set according to the required ratio in order to guarantee proper operation. With lubrication made by stages, electronic monitoring and special bearings, TGM’s G3 Full planetary gears are built to last up to 10 crops cycle without maintenance, providing safety and industrial equipment availability. G3 Full is proven to be a safe equipment, with high level of operational control and more efficiency than other types of drives. G3 Full is the unique of its kind →

Turbo Gears RTS/RTM Line

The turbo gear RPS line is applied to turbo generators up to 20 MW of power. This line has been designed to meet small thermal power centralswhich require safe and efficient equipment. It has robust and industrialized construction within all the international standards and it is tested in TGM’s factory before being installed →

Turbo Gears SuperTurbo Line

In ST SuperTurbo line were applied concepts and knowledge acquired by the TGM’s experience with manufacture, maintenance and operation of power generation equipment that have its turbo gears operating in severe conditions, exceeding the operating limits. In addition to its specific internal construction and robust design, SuperTurbo gearbox is installed with flexible TGM’s Gear Flex coupling, which is a system of gears that ensures working in high performance and flexibility to offset the effects of angular misalignment. TGM ‘s SuperTurbois available from 20 to 60 MW of power and it is tested in TGM’s factory before being installed in field. Several ST SuperTurbo are installed and they are operating and getting exceptional results and performance →